ERP CORE is an Enterprise Resource Planning software which provides the most affordable way to manage your entire business operations. It has essential functions that integrates every department of your business by providing real-time view of your data and processes. It is user-friendly and had Browser Based Interface to provides and cover variety of streamlines every department workflow for better decision-making and growth.

Complete Customization Capabilities

We “customize” our products to ensure that they truly meet your requirements and need.

  • Analyze
  • Propose
  • Customize
  • Implement

ERP CORE has customization capabilities to cater to specific needs of your business, in an ERP software this what should be consider before implementation. One must go through with all the customizable capabilities of the solution. Rigid ERP software without any customization capabilities may not be viable, as businesses workflow or process can change in future but—

Always remember to reduce the customization as it will decrease the timeline and cost both.”

Understanding the ever-changing business needs and decision-making requirements, we provide customization service. Just send us your requirements and we shall assist you.

ERP CORE with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Features and Capabilities

ERP CORE is a standard off the shelf simple to use but advance financial accounting software. Equipped with all essential accounting needs of a growing business, fully supporting branches and user access levels.

Financial Management & Accounting

Our financial management module to ensure proper financial reporting. We can assure you have a perfect component for financial reporting and Accounting management.

Human Resource & Payroll

Our HR module has evolved and move beyond basic payroll management. We have added many key features such as performance assessment, time tracking, attendance management, scheduling, KPI are inbuilt in our HR module.

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